Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I like the bread. That fresh baked bread. The original bread.

Does anyone else remember that little jingle from a very old Schlotzky's commercial? I find it running through my head a lot. I seem to have very little will power when it comes to good bread. Ask anyone who has ever been with me at Panera where I always eat my own bread, then buy two loaves to take home (and usually end up finishing one before I even get there.)

This morning I made the kids cinnamon swirl toast and smoothies. I didn't intend to eat any of that bread, but somehow I ended up consuming um, four pieces. I just can't resist!! (Before that I hit the gym and did a lower body strength work out. I tried to make myself feel better by telling myself I needed the extra calories...)

I also had a yogurt bowl. I had to get my protein in!

Because I had eaten so much bread I skipped my morning snack. Lunch was a quick turkey sandwich and some Sun Chips. I then did the Cardio X workout from P90x. I am really loving it!! Hard core!!

My afternoon snack was a delicious berry smoothie in a bowl with a Vitatop. It was perfect after that hard workout!

I didn't get a picture of dinner because we had guests and I thought it might look a little weird if I busted out the camera. We had teriyaki chicken on the grill, grilled pineapple, brown rice and salad. Yummy--but maybe the last time we have it with all of this HFCS discussion...

Confession--I am now eating a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I get really snacky at night and tonight I caved. I don't think it is always bad to give in to your cravings. Not always good, but not always bad, either. Oh well--I started off the day with a carb overload, I can end it with one, too.

Sing along with me, now!
I love to eat Schlotzky's Original when I can find the time which I can usually do if I am hungry and I always am. I guess the greatest thing about its all that cheese and spicy meat or maybe it's the way they heat it up, yeah that's it, not it's not I like the bread. That fresh baked bread. The original bread. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo....

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