Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breakfast for Lunch!

Breakfast was my FAVORITE--French Toast. I made it with whole wheat French bread from Sprouts and I added sweet potato puree and vanilla soy protein powder to the egg mixture. It was really yummy. I ended up eating that instead of my normal oatmeal and egg. I can't resist French toast.

This morning was our bi-weekly bike ride. I love going riding with Lincoln. I especially love it when half-way up the huge hill he always says, "Whew, this is hard work, Mommy." (He is sitting in a seat on the back of my bike, mind you.)

For lunch I decided to embrace my new way of thinking and follow my food instincts. Since I hadn't had my normal breakfast in the morning, I just had it for lunch!
Yes, I am living dangerously.

I did the Pilates ab workout this afternoon and spent a lot of the day cleaning, since my parents got into town this evening. I think cleaning burns lots of calories, right? It should.

For dinner I made a BFL recipe that I'd never tried before, Sesame Beef Stir Fry. I liked it a lot!
I'll have to post the recipe tomorrow. Good night!

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