Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day of Rest

This week's blogging might be a bit sporadic. We never, ever have visitors. This week three different families are passing through! I guess everyone decided to come at once. Right now there are 15 people in my house. Anyway, forgive me if things get crazy...

Yesterday (Sunday) was a pretty good day. I typically reserve Sundays as my free day. One of the Body for Life principles is that you take one day a week to eat whatever you want. This way you don't ever feel deprived and don't binge at other times. I learned early on that "eating whatever you want" doesn't really mean you can go crazy. You will get sick. But I do relax things a bit once in a while.

Lunch: (I didn't eat until lunch time.) We had baked potatoes. I added cottage cheese, green onions and a bit of reduced fat cheddar. Ryan also made some bread rounds on the grill. This is where I took my free day--I probably ate seven of those, the last few with honey.

Dinner: Yogurt bowl. Oh, I had a few tortilla chips, too.

It was a really crazy day--that is all I had time to eat! Well I did have a few Diet Cokes in there to help ease the stress. I also take a break from working out on Sundays to give my body a rest. I do like to go on a bike ride or a walk if I can, but again, NO TIME yesterday.

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