Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday is a special day.

It's a busy one, especially when Grammie is here to play!

I woke up bright and early and was down in the gym by 5:45 doing a lower body strength workout. Ryan got the kids their breakfast of biscuits and gravy. He made sure and let me know that he added green puree, chia seeds and flaxseeds to the biscuits. And, as always, it was turkey sausage, which helps the fat content considerably (although I still do not eat it.) He even made the biscuits in the shape of a "Y" as a tribute to our alma mater, BYU. (Go Cougars!)

I had a yogurt bowl around 8:15, but I was still hungry and knew we had a busy day ahead, so I indulged in a small biscuit with some peanut butter as well. I think it was doing the weight training in the morning--I needed more protein.
(Sidenote: What is up with blogger putting every third picture I post vertical?! It's not that way in my computer or my camera. Blogger just does it and I can't change it. I have tried. Has anyone else encountered this?! It is annoying!!)

We spent the day doing fun things with Grammie, so I had a snack of a WL shake in the car and a sandwich and fresh fruit on our picnic lunch. I didn't remember to get a picture of the food, but I got a good one of the company.

Afternoon snack was a smoothie with a vitatop--you are going to be seeing that one a lot!

Dinner was grilled salmon (SO GOOD) with grilled pineapple, corn and salad on the side.

And I did have one little Goodness Knows snack square (1/4th of a serving, mind you) to once again satisfy that mystifying part of me that CRAVES chocolate after dinner. And lunch. And sometimes breakfast.

Off to hit the elliptical!

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